Connect to your inner power and step into each day with calm confidence

Intuitive empowerment coaching for unfulfilled professional women

My clients are professionals who are looking to get out of the overwhelm. I work with them to uncover what deeply matters to their heart and soul, outside of the shoulds and expectations.


They want a more spiritually based life, but don’t know where to start making changes, and feel they don’t have the time. 

As we peel back the layers together, taking sustainable baby steps, they shift into a more soul-filling life. 


When you are deeply connected to your heart and soul, you live from a place of peace and power.

"Mel provided a very comfortable environment to talk freely about my feelings. There was no judgment, only kindness and a loving energy from Mel. It felt like talking to a trusted friend. Mel helped clear through the muddle of my thoughts and provide insights and guidance to direct me with tools I can use now and in the future. I highly recommend Mel!"

- Alexandra

“Mel's energy is very grounding, there is no judgement, just ease. She helps you see things from a different perspective and doing so, starting the new journey is much easier.”

- Ioana 

“I feel sooo clear-headed and focused. I feel like I am more tuned in to who I actually am and what I need to do or focus on in order to fulfill my emotional and psychological needs. I have a plan in mind, I understand the steps I need to take to get me somewhere.”

- Miranda

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