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Harmony session — balancing body, mind and soul

Soul healing.

You’re tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and you’re looking to find a way to start to shift out of old patterns that are keeping you stuck in your version of discomfort. This session will begin to bring your body, mind and soul back into harmony so you can find the balance and inner peace you seek.

During this intuitive session, you'll be guided through a combination of reiki energy healing, coaching, breath work, and intuitive messages that are unique to you – based on what you bring to the session and what you most need at that time.

Begin by sharing what you want to shift, heal or feel, and even if you aren't able to put words to it, your energy will express it. And the oracle cards we pull will help you gain the clarity to identify what to focus on.

We'll clear your energy field and tune up your chakras so leave the session feeling calm, centered and empowered to move forward. Plus take with you tangible tools and practices to keep the healing flowing so you can align with new ways of being.

Spiritual-life coaching + mentorship program

You’re ready for deep soul work. To shift your perception, and step fully into your version of a fulfilling life.


We meet twice a month for an hour to keep you on track when the noise of life tries to keep you stuck in old patterns and ways of being.

You’ll explore what deeply matters to you and what shifts or changes you want to make so you can get out of your own way and create the life that feels right and fulfilling for you.

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Quick energy tune-up and clearing with Reiki

For energy emergency relief.

You’re looking for relief from a stressful situation. There has been increasing noise and chaos in your life or heightened emotions that have pushed you beyond your capacity. This session will leave you feeling lighter, clearer and calmer. 

You can expect to begin our session by sharing your current experience and what you want to shift, heal or feel during our time together. We’ll then tune into Reiki to clear your energy field and tune up your chakras so you'll feel replenished.

You’ll leave with intuitively guided messages to support you on your journey. 

Heal yourself with reiki

Anyone can learn reiki. 


Reiki is an ancient energy healing modality that promotes stress relief.


Needed now more than ever, it can help remind your body, mind and soul what it feels like to be relaxed, calm and focused.

It’s a gentle way of clearing your energy field and chakras of energetic debris you pickup from life that makes you feel weighted down, heavy and foggy. 

Reiki courses

Explore energy healing by learning reiki. 

Start with Reiki 1, an intro course that focuses on self-healing, chakras and tuning into the energy. 


Reiki 2 you learn ways of healing others, situations and sending reiki over distances. 


In Reiki 3 you dive deeper and at this level you may even opt to share reiki with clients. 


Teacher training. You expand your reiki wisdom, intuition and learn to teach others to do the same. 


Yoga offers an opportunity to focus on you – your body and mind through breath and movement.


A yoga practice can help you access calm, improve flexibility and increase strength. Each class is tailored to what the yogis need that day. The sequencing is simple and taught using traditional hatha yoga style, which means it isn't complicated and suitable for most levels.

Online sessions run for 6 weeks. 

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