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Meet Mel

Intuitive coach

and energy healing practitioner 

Connect to your inner power and
step into each day with calm confidence

My clients are professionals who are looking to get out of the overwhelm. I work with them to uncover what deeply matters to their heart and soul, outside of the shoulds and expectations. They want a more aligned, authentic life, but don’t know where to start making changes. 

As we peel back the layers together, taking sustainable baby steps, they shift into a more  heart-led life. 


I’ve been there – living the life that was socially expected and doing all the things I “should” until I just couldn’t anymore. I was exhausted and unhappy, and thinking I didn’t have any other choices. I’m proof that there’s so much more outside the shoulds, exhaustion and frustration.

My story

For most of my life, fear and anxiety were in control. I wasn’t in the driver’s seat – I felt that life was happening to me, and it was passing me by as I watched from the back seat where I was tightly strapped in. I truly hoped something or someone would appear to rescue me.  


Melissa has been recognized as one of the Top Intuitive Coaches  by Coach Foundation.”


When my health became an issue I saw a naturopath who kindly looked at me one day, as I was melting down in her office, and said, “You need to learn to manage this stress and anxiety.”  

I took up yoga, learned how to breathe and noticed how much calmer and focused I was. I found reiki energy healing to help reduce my stress and create a sense of balance. 

I slowly started to reclaim my health and well-being, and I joined a reiki community that supported me on my spiritual journey. With them, I learned how to connect to myself, my inner voice and intuition. I learned I wasn’t alone, and that I was an empath who took on too much of what was happening around me.

I made conscious decisions to take charge and since then people, places, resources and coaching and personal growth have allowed me to be a creator of my own life.


Then, after over 20 years of working in corporations, I was downsized. I realized I was no longer willing to sacrifice my health and well-being for a paycheque and a title. 

While working in corporate Canada, I witnessed people’s wellness and self-care take a backseat until, in many instances, people became too unwell to work. Since yoga and reiki supported me during times of extreme stress, I began focusing my business on reiki, yoga and breathwork to help others improve their wellbeing.

I taught yoga, took reiki clients and began to teach it too, and I started to allow the idea of fully stepping into my own business to emerge. 

Over time I noticed that combining the power of coaching with energy healing my clients  were able to gain insights about themselves and shift mindsets, ideas and thoughts faster. 


My business has evolved to more deeply serve women looking for something outside of the rushing, obligations, and feelings of disconnection – the survival mode. Working with me means you get to share your story while letting go of the parts that no longer serve you, so you can be the most empowered version of yourself to truly live.



My journey has been a series of steps – there’s no by-pass to get to the end! Life happened for me, so that I could get to this point where I get to help others. I didn’t do this alone, and am so very grateful the all the support along the way – my reiki and yoga teachers, my coaches, mentors and friends. 

I wake up excited about my day and the choices I get to make that help me grow and support others on their journeys. I live intuitively, make decisions from my heart and soul, and embody the fact that I am the creator of my own life. 

My clients

From all walks of life

I've worked with individuals in Fortune 500 companies all over the world. 

In addition to these corporate leaders, my clients include physicians and nurses, entrepreneurs, writers, and retired professionals. 

They all have in common a desire to grow, to learn and to understand themselves better so that they create a fulfilled life.

It’s time to step into your true power. To learn more about living your life from a powerful place of calm confidence, book a FREE call. 


  • Associate certified coach (ACC) 

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) member

  • Usui Tibetan Reiki practitioner, mentor and teacher

  • Certified spiritual life coach

  • Certified yoga teacher 

  • Honours BA (University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

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