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Connect to your inner power and step into each day with calm confidence

Hi I'm Mel. I’m an intuitive coach and energy healing practitioner who helps women tap into the power of their heart and soul so that they can step out of the noise and overwhelm, and be intuitively guided. 

I offer a combination of coaching, spiritual mentorship and energy healing to shift perspectives and awaken souls to their inner power and strength – to live with more peace and ease. 

Popular services:

  • Individual empowerment session

  • 3 steps to eliminating overwhelm mini program

  • Empowerment program 

Intuitive empowerment coaching for unfulfilled professional women

My clients are professionals who are looking to get out of the overwhelm. I work with them to uncover what deeply matters to their heart and soul, outside of the shoulds and expectations.


They want a more spiritually based life, but don’t know where to start making changes, and feel they don’t have the time. 

As we peel back the layers together, taking sustainable baby steps, they shift into a more soul-filling life. 

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