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In this powerful energy healing session, you'll focus on shedding what’s not serving you, then balancing your dark and light, yin and yang, ego and soul, masculine and feminine – so you feel more aligned with your body, mind and soul. So you can feel more peace and grace this season.


This download includes unlimited access to the one-hour recording on YouTube, a pretty notes page to use for capturing your thoughts and several journal prompts to help shift you from winter to spring with clear intentions.


You’ll also receive visuals of the cards that came through to support you on your healing journey during this experience, and beyond.

Spring Equinox Healing (2024 download)

  • To access the healing circle recording, open your PDF for the link at the top of the page. 

    The PDF offers you a place to cpature your thoughts, feelings and impressions as your listen to the recording.

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