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Feeling overwhelmed by the world or frazzled about your life can arise from not being able to trust your intuition. When you can’t confidently make decisions, your mind keeps spinning around the issues, leaving you feeling stuck and uncertain about what to do next.


I’m excited to be offering a way to come back to yourself and trust your inner knowing so that you can take aligned action in the direction you feel guided.


With Your Personal Oracle, each Monday for 4 weeks, you’ll receive a personalized oracle card reading in your inbox. You can use this information to guide you, to validate the niggling, to make decisions, to make change from a deep sense of self-trust.


4 weeks of personal oracle card readings delivered to your inbox

  • Once you sign up, you'll receive your first reading the following Monday. You're welcome to ask the Universe for guidance and release the question or thought out into the Universe for me to pick up.

    There's nothing you need to do, just set the intention that you're open to receiving the message that comes through for you. 

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